Chapter Committees


 •Sandee Smith, Chair

The committee helps to promote civic responsibility and community pride by by keeping designated streets litter-free.

Arts and Letters

•Anita Roane, Chair

The committee promotes activities to enhance the Black perspective in arts and provides a medium for expression of talents related to arts and letters. It plans and executes the following:  Oratorical Contest, Delta Authors’ Pavilion, “Meet Me at the Museum” with the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and provides volunteers for the Richmond Folk Festival, Kwanzaa Kollective and the Arts and Culture Xpo.

Calling Post 

•Hortense Macon, Chair

Essential to helping the organization relay messages that are both expedient and accurate, the calling post is responsible for notifying members of upcoming events, programs and activities as designated by the Chapter President.

Delta Academy 

•Christina Peterson, Chair

An outgrowth of the Betty Shabazz Academy, the Delta Academy is an innovative way for Deltas to turn their attention, resources, and energies toward helping girls, ages 11-14, to develop into productive citizens with high self-esteem. The overarching goal of the committee is to guide girls into womanhood with educational support that will teach them how to create opportunities for academic success, develop their gifts/talents, and become change agents in helping to transform the communities from which they come.

Delta GEMS    

•Charlene Alexander-Taylor & DeCardra Jackson, Chairs

Delta GEMS provides opportunities for African-American females, ages 14-18, to excel academically and develop proper goal setting and future planning for high school and beyond. Committee members will work with participants to actively engage them in service, learning and community service opportunities, while creating compassionate, caring and community-minded young women.  Under the guided leadership of committee members, the GEMS will participate in educational, cultural, social, and community service activities.

Delta Pearls

•Hattie Webb, Chair

Possessing a broad repertoire of classical, semi-classical, spiritual, contemporary, and traditional music, the Delta Pearls have delighted audiences throughout the Richmond Metropolitan area. Under the leadership and guidance of dedicated and talented musicians, the group represents the sorority at various community activities and provides choral music for its many ritualistic ceremonies

Delta Violets

•Phoebe Roaf, Chair

Delta Violets have three primary tasks:  1) to communicate with Delta Dears, especially those who can’t attend Chapter meetings/functions on a regular basis; 2) to share timely information with Deltas without internet access; and 3) to incorporate and welcome new Deltas who have joined the Richmond Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Economic Development  

•Michelle Brown, Chair

The committee promotes economic opportunities that assist its members and the local community in realizing the overarching goal of personal wealth and financial security.  This is achieved through an understanding of goal setting, financial planning, debt management, budgeting, insurance, home ownership, retirement planning, savings, and investments.  The committee also plans and implements workshops that promote entrepreneurial empowerment.

Educational Development  

•Rosalyn Taylor, Chair

The ultimate goal of the committee is to design and develop educational programs and activities that will increase the Richmond Alumnae Chapter’s effectiveness in the community in the field of education.  Programs include:  SWAP, “Living the Dream,” Read Aloud, Read Across America, and Armstrong High School Leadership College Shower.  The committee also collaborates with F.A.S.T. (Families and Schools Team) to provide educational materials to individuals and the community.


•Justine Jones, Chair

A national initiative, EMODI (Empowering Males to Build Opportunities for Developing Independence) focuses on the plight of the African-American male.  By way of workshops and teen leadership summits, participants will engage in activities designed to address issues related to STEM education, self-efficiency, leadership, physical and mental health, healthy lifestyle choices, character, ethics, relationships, college readiness, civil engagement, and service learning.

Emergency Preparedness & Response 

•Stephanie Shepard, Chair

The purpose of this committee is to increase awareness about emergency preparedness activities. The committee provides structures and systematic training for the membership’s readiness, response and recovery efforts. The committee also provides steps for early response and efficient recovery, and develops resources and guidance for chapter members impacted by natural or man-made disasters. The committee provides effective and immediate communication strategies to facilitate and aid in preparedness and response.


•Karla Peters, Chair

F.A.S.T. (Families and Schools Team) members mentor teen mothers and young women enrolled at the Richmond Alternative School by way of a monthly, hour-long meeting.  These meetings include various topics of discussion to enlighten the young women and provide them with a different perspective on life as women in today’s society and their role as mothers.  Chapter members are encouraged to support the teen mothers by providing gently used and/or new baby clothing and other needed items (i.e. car seats and baby furniture).

Finance and Budget

•Carolyn Hawley, Chair

The committee’s primary responsibility is to develop a balanced budget for all Chapter accounts based on the needs of the Chapter for the next fiscal year.  The committee is further charged with providing information to the Chapter regarding recommended financial opportunities.

Heritage and Archives  

•Connie Thompson, Chair

The main function of the Heritage and Archives Committee is to gather, record, and preserve the ongoing history of the Chapter so that future members may learn of its inception, growth, and development.


•Paula Garrett & Verna Ragland, Chairs

The Committee’s primary responsibility is to provide hospitality to both members of the Richmond Chapter and visiting Deltas.  The committee is charged with promoting fellowship within the Chapter.

International Awareness & Involvement     

•Lanett Brailey, Chair

The goals of the International Awareness Committee are three-fold:  1) to promote internal and multi-cultural awareness to Deltas; 2) to educate Deltas about global issues and related topics; and 3) to support international and cultural organizations with their respective events.


•Kimberly Riddick, Chair

A Delta tradition, Jabberwock engages its participants in a plethora of cultural, educational, and social opportunities.  Activities designed to enhance self-esteem, intensify leadership potential, and boost academic achievement are among the many opportunities that are afforded to participants.  Through the solicitation of patrons and ads, participants raise funds which are earmarked for scholarships and given to young women and men of promise and ability.

Leadership Development    

•Estella Randolph, Chair

The committee’s intention is to offer learning resources and experiences that will enhance both leadership presence and leadership competencies.  Throughout the sorority year, Deltas will learn leadership techniques that can be applied within Delta as well as in their professional careers.  The mission of this committee is to ignite the inner leader within every Delta to enable the delivery of greatness in the name of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

May Month   

•Talya Brown, Chair

This committee helps to foster “sisterhood” by planning and implementing dynamic, motivational, and inspirational activities for the membership.  The May Week Luncheon and May Month Mix and Mingle are among the bonding activities orchestrated by this committee.

Membership Services

•Vanessa Evans, Chair    

The committee’s mission is to provide an “Atmosphere of Sisterly Love.”  The committee endeavors to design activities that not only promote retention and reclamation, but sisterhood. The committee’s key programs/projects include the Chapter Retreat, Soror-to-Soror new member “buddy” system, and Sisterhood Month celebration and activities. The committee will also utilize technology to enhance chapter and Delta communication to foster awareness of and participation in Richmond Alumnae Chapter activities and projects.

Physical and Mental Health

•Donna Dawson & Renee Fleming Mills, Chairs

The committee provides events and opportunities to Chapter members and the larger community regarding physical and mental health conditions that affect the African-American population. This goal is accomplished by collaborating with other organizations that have a commitment to ensuring the overall well-being of the community; facilitating educational lectures on health topics; providing opportunities for Deltas to establish social support through health-focused activities and sports-related competitions; and providing general health education/awareness through monthly Minerva updates.

Policies and Procedures

•Gale Jones, Chair    

The objective of the committee is to review proposed and recommended changes to the Chapter’s policies and procedures documents and to ensure that said policies and procedures are aligned with those of the Regional and National structure.

Political Awareness & Involvement

•Doris Bey, Chair    

The committee serves the chapter as a non-partisan resource. It endeavors to encourage the membership to take a more active role in the political process and to fulfill their civic responsibility via voter registration, Delta Days at the General Assembly, Delta Days at the Nation’s Capital, and a Spring Forum.

Project 13        

The Project 13 Initiative Committee will lead and coordinate efforts through which the Chapter can provide support to various events undertaken by the chosen organizations. In 2014-2015 those organizations were United Negro College Fund (UNCF), Metropolitian Busniess League, Sister’s Network, Sickle Cell Disease Foundation, American Heart Association, and St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Protocol and Traditions

•Patricia Pitts & Tuwanda Holmes, Chairs

Following established protocol enables the Sorority to proceed smoothly, efficiently, and predictably and serves to enhance the image of the organization. Sorors serving on this committee are responsible for helping to ensure that the membership follows procedures as prescribed by the Founders and the National office.

Public Relations

•Yolanda Taylor, Chair  

The role of the committee is to develop and execute a plan to inform the membership and the public about the Richmond Alumnae Chapter and to promote the sorority’s projects and activities.

Risk Management

•Kendra Pugh, Chair  

This team will assume responsibility for training committee chairs and the RAC membership to assure the safety and well-being of the participants in its youth initiatives. The team will monitor each of the following for compliance with the risk management process: Delta Academy, Delta GEMS, EMBODI, F.A.S.T. and Jabberwock.

Ritual and Ceremonies

•Ann Wilson, Chair                

The Committee will oversee the proper execution of ceremonies as stipulated in the official Ritual of Grand Chapter. The committee will maintain the properties and recommend the purchase and /or replacement of current properties. The committee will provide opportunities for members to increase their knowledge of and appreciation for the fundamental principles as demonstrated in the Sorority’s Ritual and Ceremonies and Protocol documents.

Strategic Planning

•Monica Davis, Chair    

The Committee develops a systematic process of envisioning a desired future and translating that vision into broadly defined goals and objectives and a sequence of steps to achieve them. Enables the chapter to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, ensure that members are working toward common goals. Adjusts the chapter’s direction in response to a changing environment. Ensures the measurement of chapter’s successes.


•Monique Randolph and Donna Haynesworth, Chairs

The purpose of this committee is to oversee and advise the Executive Board on matters of innovation and technology. Key responsibilities include updating the Chapter’s website and email addresses, and providing training to Deltas. During the sorority year, the committee supports other committees by assisting them with their technology needs.


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