International Awareness & Involvement

The goal of the International Awareness and Involvement Committee focuses on promoting a better understanding and deeper appreciation for the contributions and struggles of people and cultures different from one’s own.  

The program is three-fold:  

1) to promote internal and multi-cultural awareness to Deltas;  

2) to educate Deltas about global issues and related topics, and  

3) to support international and cultural organizations with their respective events. The chapter is dedicated to developing community programs designed to provide assistance, relief, and resources to developing countries; as well as fostering local advocacy for social injustices. The chapter’s commitment to organize change and encourage cultural awareness is proudly demonstrated by its past projects and future initiatives.

Our International Awareness & Involvement Programs

 T-Shirt and Pillow Cases Donation for Haiti

Collected pillowcases and t-shirts were made into dresses for the young girls in Haiti.


Clean Water for Haiti

Provided financial support through donations to help the placement of lavatories with fresh water and hand sanitizer.



Bras for Haiti

Bra donations and money was raised to help support women’s needs


Donations were provided to the following: 

  • Support the Elementary school in Haiti, (the Cynthia M.A. McIntyre Campus)
  • TREE ( Training Resources for Early Education) in Africa
  • Mosquito Nets in Africa