Physical & Mental Health

The committee provides emphasis on the promotion of physical and mental wellness. The committee provides events and opportunities to Chapter members and the larger community regarding physical and mental health conditions that affect the African-American population. This goal is accomplished by collaborating with other organizations that have a commitment to ensuring the overall well-being of the community; facilitating educational lectures on health topics; providing opportunities for Deltas to establish social support through health-focused activities and sports-related competitions, and providing general health education/awareness through monthly Minerva updates.

Our Physical & Mental Health Programs

Delta Fitness and Blood Pressure Challenge

This challenge is to help raise awareness about the importance of exercise and being healthy. This initiative is to dispel the myths and raise awareness of heart disease and how your high blood pressure can claim lives of women. This is a passionate, emotional, social initiative designed to empower women to take charge of their health.


Journey to Wellness, Living Well Across The Lifespan

We continue our Sorority’s Journey to Wellness, Living Well Across The Lifespan. Our organization’s signature physical and mental health “call to action,” was developed to promote African-American families living holistic and healthy lives. The three-pronged approach to the “Journey to Wellness” includes:  1) physical activity and healthy eating; 2) physical health/chronic disease and 3) mental health. Our health programs advocate the importance and benefits of lifestyle changes that affect longevity, morbidity and mortality.  The goal is to raise awareness within the Richmond, VA community about the importance and benefits of lifestyle changes that affect longevity, morbidity and mortality;

To help form organizational alliances within the community in order to assist individuals and their families in the identification and management of mental illness.  This program will continue to help educate and provide activities for our membership and the communities we serve


Monument 10K Cheer and Walk/Run Teams

The chapter participates as the run and/or walk teams.  As well as, cheerleaders volunteers to one of the best races around.  The goal is to support and motivate the community into the most physically active community in the nation by leading the area in embracing and celebrating an active lifestyle.


Gift of Life Walk – Breast Cancer Education

The chapter walks as a team and makes donations in support of Breast Cancer reach and in honor of Sorors that have been directly impacted by this disease.


Senior and Caregiver Mental Health &
Wellness Symposium

The Wellness Symposiums were created to provide awareness and advocacy for self-care with physical and emotional wellness.  The first symposium was titled Coping w/Covid:  Mind Body and Soul.  The program Coping w/ Covid II, Anxiety & Loss:  Thriving In Uncertain Times provided behavioral instruction to manage concerns surrounding the pandemic.